Insofar that “crowdfunding” is the pratice of getting funding for a project by raising money from large number of people—for instance through web services such as KickStarter or GoFundMe—”crowdsensing” takes the same approach and applies it to the gathering of data.

Thanks to the Internet and the common availability of interconnected sensing devices, including common smartphones, most kinds of data can now be efficiently gathered by any user, anywhere, and collected in order to gain useful information.

This is exactly the approach taken by the SmartRoadSense project, that allows users anywhere to use their smartphones in order to collect road quality data.

Yep, you can write an email to info@c4rs.eu, we will be pleased to get in touch with you.

Sure! You can install the Android or the iOS app, and start to contribute activating our app while in your car. As of now you can use SmartRoadSense in Italy and other european countries are going to be available soon.

Your best shot is to participate in one of the two founding initiatives on top of which Crowds4Roads has been conceived: SmartRoadSense and BlaBlaCar.