A workshop on research and innovation in transport and mobility was recently organised on 3rd July 2017 by the Disruptive Media Learning Lab, Coventry University. Coventry University is part of the Crowd4Roads (C4Rs) project funded by the EU Commission Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Action and coordinated by University of Urbino in Italy. The workshop is part of the project’s dissemination and communication strategy to engage others who are involved in innovation related to transport and mobility and specifically those from the local council in the UK. The current outcomes from the C4Rs project were presented by Dr. Sylvester Arnab and Mark Lewis from Coventry and Saverio Delpriori from the University of Urbino.

Twenty people attended the workshop and they were from Coventry City Council, the university’s Mobility and Transport research center, the enterprise and the engineering faculty. The workshop has raised awareness of the smart sensing and collective awareness approach that the project is working on and is key to informing future pilot testing of the prototype in the city.

The summary of the workshop contents are as follows:

Innovation in Traffic Management

Sunil Budhdeo- Transport Innovation Manager , Coventry City Council

This talk covered various projects relating to Innovation in traffic management that Coventry city are currently involved in including:

  • Driverless Cards
  • Intelligent Route and Speed Guidance System
  • Intelligent Guidance to Parking and Disabled Bays
  • Integrated Transport assisting people with disabilities


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Connected and driverless vehicle technology and the contribution to future mobility

Professor Andrew Parkes – Executive Director, Centre for Mobility and Transport
The talk presented an overview of The Centre of Mobility and Transport’s work and background to developing the Coventry vision of the city of the future and how vehicle technology feeds into this. Some of the challenges to be faced in establishing autonomous pod and connected vehicle trials were discussed alongside some of the unintended consequences of large scale uptake of such systems.


Smart sensing, gamification and our roads:
The C4Rs journey
Dr. Sylvester Arnab – Reader in Game Science, Coventry University

Saverio Delpriori – Researcher, University of Urbino

Mark Lewis – Researcher and Game Designer, Coventry University
This talk discussed the C4Rs (http://C4Rs.eu) project, which is an innovative initiative combining smart sensing, ride sharing and gamification applications to harness collective intelligence for providing open data towards boosting traffic conditions on the continent. The goal of the project is to engage the general public, i.e. car drivers and passengers, in making road transport more sustainable by exploiting SmartRoadSense, a crowd sensing system that exploits smartphones to collect accurate data on road conditions, and increasing crowd participation in the initiative via gamified interfaces. The talk demonstrated the Crowd Sensing approach and the gamification design.

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