Regarding the communication and experimentation activities Satean Foundation, since last year until now, contacted about 3300 municipalities, talked with the leaders of the roads and streets and sent the project material and all the necessary information to download and use the App SmartRoadSense. From the beginning of April 2017 Satean Foundation has made a road show and organized daily presentations and round tables with the municipalities from the South East of Romania, especially in Galati and Braila, were we found a strong interest and lots of big and great ideas. In the early months of the project we had already created a short survey with the municipalities, but on our presentations we did our best to inform and raised awareness among them regarding of the importance of our project and the SmartRoadSense Application.

What steps have been made?
The aim of this activity was to raise awareness of the Romanian municipalities about the benefits of the project and analyze through a survey the current situation in terms of road monitoring and management of the information received about the state of the roads. Such activity, in addition to promoting and stimulating public bodies about the new technology proposed, also aims to establish the fundamental parameters in order to allow the countrywide pilot expected for next year in the Romanian territory.

The activity work is organized into 4 main steps devoted to inform and sensibilize the Romanian municipalities about the project and the opportunity provided by the SmartRoadSense app, test their interest in order to develope the pilot project, analyze the tools and methods they are using for the monitoring of roads currently, stimulate their interest through questionnaires and specific questions.


  • 1° STEP – we create a database with the contact of the transport departments of municipalities in Romania – the database created contains a number of about 3000 relevant offices contacts;
  • 2° STEP – we contacted the relevant municipalities and raise awareness about the project, presented the activities and expected results, send presentation of the project in romanian language;
  • 3° STEP – we administered a questionnaire to find out how the municipalities are operating at the moment with regard to the monitoring of the streets and let them reflect about, through targeted questions about the current state;
  • 4° STEP – once caught the interest and attention, at the begining of April 2017 we made a road show and organized daily presentations and round tables with the municipalities from the South East of Romania, especially in Galati and Braila, to encourage them to try the application and also to explain them the functionality of the SmartRoadSense application.

What bodies / institutions did we meet?
Here is a list of relevant meetings that we had:

  • Directorate for Strategies, Programs, Development Projects, International Relations – Braila;
  • Dunarea de jos University of Galati – Research Center;
  • Local Council Galati – Geographic Information System Department;
  • Center for Road Engineering and Computer Science – CESTRIN Bucharest;
  • Lot of municipalities from Galati, Braila and Ialomita.

What feedback did we had?

  • Information about the SmartRoad Sense application has begun to be spreaded among steakholders;
  • The users of SmartRoadSense application is increased;
  • Our project caught the interest of lots of entities.

The working documents and photos of the round tables are published also in the three media channels of the Project C4Rs: