This document aims to establish an effective communication strategy for the project dedicated to Crowd4Roads thanks to the study and the application of key concepts – communication initiatives.

The Crowd4Roads project (C4Rs) wants to take advantage of active citizenship to make road transport more sustainable and to bring to light any road maintenance policies.
It wants to develop a community made up of drivers and passengers, and it is preliminary in order to optimize the use of cars for the transport of civil road and to educate citizens in a better environmental conscience.
This is possible through the communication activities that will be implemented and through the use of an App, available for the mobile devices, for use by car in daily route.
The sustainability and education for the common good are fundamental to many reasons and, in particular, to the need of training all citizens to participate actively, to make choices, to personal lifestyles that reduce their environmental impact .
Therefore, the basis of the project is the idea of promoting ways of life and sustainable consumption.

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