On December 12th at 11:00, Alessandro Bogliolo from the University of Urbino held a public presentation of the CROWD4ROADS project in the Aula Magna hall of the University “Dunărea de Jos” in Galaţi (Romania) during an event organized by Fundația SATEAN.

Alessandro Bogliolo during the C4Rs presentation.

The presentation was focused on launching the SmartRoadSense application and its recent development: roads in Romania can now be monitored, just like roads in the UK, Greece, and Italy. Awareness of road transport sustainability issues, and their local declinations in terms of road maintenance and traffic, were mentioned as the main objectives of the project, in the context of active citizenship initiatives of larger scope.

Watch the video presentation on Observator.tv:

“Since the budget allocated to road administrations is far below what is necessary to maintain the network to certain technical standards, the use of a road management system becomes more of a necessity than an option.” The University’s communication officer mentioned, describing SmartRoadSense and the CROWD4ROADS project as viable strategies to harness citizen participation in order to define sustainable road transport policies for local administrations.

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