On the 6th and 7th of June, representatives from the CROWD4ROADS project have attended the DSI Fair 2018 at the Campidoglio in Rome, Italy. The fair is a yearly event that provides space for digital social innovation initiatives within the CAPSSI community.

This year’s event sported a very interesting and varied line-up of speakers and 8 workshops. CROWD4ROADS organized the workshop on “Collective Intelligence and Crowdsourcing for Social Good”, which featured speakers from the project and from other CAPS projects, including CAPSELLAFAMILIES_SHARE, and DECODE.

Livia Ortolani from the CAPSELLA project and Lorenz Cuno Klopfenstein for CROWD4ROADS.

During the pleasantly warm days in Rome we also took the opportunity to have a short project meeting at the Terrazza Caffarelli, right at the Campidoglio.

From left to right: Lorenz Cuno Klopfenstein and Saverio Delpriori (University of Urbino), Mark Lewis (Coventry University), Tiziana Custo, Dario Quattrini (Lattanzio, Regione Marche), Federico Morganti (Satean), Andrea Sergiacomi (Regione Marche). Irene Sigismondi (Regione Abruzzo) took the picture.

CROWD4ROADS meeting at the Terrazza Caffarelli.