D5.1 Website and coordinated image

Website and coordinated image

D2.1 Socio-economic analysis and sustainability threat

This report documents the work taken to analyse the socio-economic framework and the sustainability threats of passenger road transportation that can be addressed by means of crowd-sensing and ride sharing.

D2.2 Representative Scenario and Use Cases

This report identifies and assesses a set of representative scenarios and use cases to be used in the development of the CROWD4ROADS project. The scenarios and users identified will be used to construct and tailor strategies in which the systems part of CROWD4ROADS will be aimed towards, in order to achieve maximum engagement.

D3.1 Trip sharing and crowd-sensing integration plan

This report describes the incremental integration process to be adopted during the project to make available as soon as possible the prototypes of the CROWD4ROADS platform to the pilots.

D2.3 System requirements and performance indicators

Specifications and requirements of the CROWD4ROADS platform at all stages of its development. Operative definitions of the key performance indicators to be used for validation, assessment, and evaluation.

D3.3 Gamification and reward strategies and features

This report documents the work taken to plan the development and mechanics strategy for the gamification layer of CROWD4ROADS. The report will cover a background review of gamification to develop an understanding of the mechanics adopted, and provide a first version of the Gamification Design Document (GDD).

D3.5 Mockups of the CROWD4ROADS mobile app

Mockups used to define the user interface of the CROWD4ROADS mobile app and to test its usability.