The Crowd4Roads project aims at engaging drivers and passengers in the development and adoption of more sustainable car usage habits and road maintenance policies.

This is done by establishing a synergistic relationship between BlaBlaCar, the largest ride sharing community worldwide with more than 10 million users, and SmartRoadSense, a crowd sensing system which exploits the accelerometers of car-mounted smartphones as non-intrusive sensors of road surface quality.

The project will tackle 5 Specific Objectives:

  • Develop and deploy a scalable digital social platform combining community-scale trip sharing (namely, BlaBlaCar) and crowd sensing of road quality (namely, SmartRoadSense) in order to harness network effect and collective intelligence;
  • Empower citizens as active members of a network able to induce more sustainable car usage habits and better informed road maintenance decisions;
  • Develop real-world pilots at urban, regional, and national scale, involving millions of people and covering millions of kilometres of roads. 1,000,000 people; monitored roads exceeding 1,000,000 kilometres;
  • Provide to policy makers and public administrators up to date open data on the roughness of the road surface;
  • Provide to policy makers and public administrators gamification and incentive mechanisms to be possibly applied on top of the social platform to motivate the participation of specific target groups into the project, in order to raise awareness on road sustainability issues and to engage drivers and passengers in road monitoring.